Site-Specific Furniture

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Born in Lisbon in 1975.
Graduated, in 2007, in Ceramics Design at ESAD.CR in Caldas da Rainha – Portugal.
Currently lives in Den Bosch in The Netherlands.

During his degree developed and coordinated the Experimenta o Campo project. A design and craftmanship project made for CENTA (New Artistic Trends Studies Center), with design students from ESAD.CR (Design and Art University of Caldas da Rainha), craftman and several municipalities from the center of Portugal. Before graduation had developed a group project called 3º Andar Dto Bruce Willis, together with the portuguese coreographer Miguel Pereira. In 2008, finished an internship at Maarten Baas studio, in Eindhoven- The Netherlands, where since till 2011 had colaborated in the development and production for several projects as a freelancer. Since 2008, develops objects based in design processes within specific social and spatial contexts, that are exhibited regularly in international design events. Developed and coordinates the Made Out Portugal design platform.

The concept for make these pieces of furniture, literally, site-specific, it´s originated in the fact that architects are designers but designers are not architects.
To work this “problem” I decided to search ways and features that are extracted from architectural objects, ie buildings whose form was designed by an architect.
The project Ojects Site-Specific is constituted by a series of three on-off pieces produced in high density polyurethane foam:
Chaise Longue Smalle Haven, 2010
Tempelhof Lamp, 2011
Stadium Axa Braga Mirror, 2012