“Impossible House” by João Mouro

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João Mouro, born in1985.Graduated in Fine Arts/Painting at the Fine Artes Faculty of the Lisbon University. He enrolled in the Erasmus programme in Italy, at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan.He has taken part in some solo and group exhibitions and since 2010 belongs to a group of artists represented by the Show me- design & art gallery. In April 2011, he made his first international solo exhibition at the Galerie Patrick Lancz, Brussels, Belgium. He is represented in numerous collections of national and international contemporary art. Recently he has produced some work in scenography.
In the work of João Mouro we find a set of singular references to the condition of the human and urban consumer. The construction of an architectural imaginary which, with form, exposes the historical formalisms of the last decades, always present in the passerby’s look. The composition emerges from the reintroduced memory of a source of materials, which were wasted by the consumer.
And it is in this dialogue, between the scales and materials, that we find the similarities that arouse the attention of the observer. Arising from a range of common furniture up to the apartment, in a dichotomy between the perpetual architectural and the expendable subject, thus creating an aesthetic-functional piece: the apartment inside the apartment. The impossible house.