“Chromatic Screen II” by Likeartchitects

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The LIKEarchitects collective, of an experimental, provocative and innovative nature, formed by the young Portuguese architects Diogo Aguiar, João Jesus and Teresa Otto, seeks to combine their basilar architectural knowledge acquired in the renowned Faculty of Architecture of Oporto with other more radical architectural experiences they have had in worldwide reference studios such as UNStudio and OMA in The Netherlands and RCR Arquitectes, in Spain.
The proposed ephemeral structures, which are attentive to the current socio-economic scenario, aim to boost places and involve the community in a critical participation of urban space, having Installation, Happening and Urban Art as references.
LIKEarchitects’ work has been awarded several prizes and been published both in national and international specialized magazines and books.

Designed from 4000 clothes hangers, Chromatic Screen II builds a space in black and white, with different moments of opacity and transparency, providing a kinetic experience through the (re) interpretation of a common object of daily use.