“Flat Tables” | Jo Nagasaka | 9 Nov – 15 Feb

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Jo Nagasaka
Flat Tables
The exhibition consists of 12 pieces made exclusively for the gallery, belonging to the series “Flat Tables” and created specifically for this event.
All the pieces are made from old Portuguese workstations (carpenter, mechanic, locksmith, etc.) and from national woods.
“Flat Tables” is a project that results from the process developed by Jo Nagasaka from 2009 where, on the tabletops he added colored epoxy resin, a technique that lately, while achieving a slight transparency, allows to observe the textures of the wood worn by use and time. The tops require different thicknesses to get leveled, in a game of light / dark and transparency / opacity.
Common objects fallen into disuse transformed into contemporary pieces whose aesthetic result captures the essence of simplicity and poetics of Japanese culture.


Jo Nagasaka
Born 1971 in Osaka, Japan. After graduation from Tokyo National University of Arts, he founded Schemata Architects in 1998.In 2007, the office relocatedand created a space named“Happa”where he shares an art gallery and other design offices. His recent works include: Sayama Flat, 2008; House in Okusawa, 2010; Aesop Aoyama/Ginza, 2011; Papabubble store, Tokyo Daimaru, 2012; Udukuri for Established and Sons, 2012; Takeo Kikuchi store, Tokyo, 2012; ColoRing at Rossana Orlandi, 2013; 3.1 Philip Lim Pop-Up store, 2013.