Réciproque vases #2
Dimension: 19 x alt22 cm
Materials: stainless steel tube

Réciproque vases #1
Dimension: 22x29x20 cm
Materials: stainless steel tube

Tabel Chaos
Unique piece
Dimension: 27x87x87 cm
Materials: clay and resin

Bibendum chair
limited edition of 12 +2AP
Materials: polished Stainless steel
Dimension: 114 x 85 x 70 cm
Edit by Riluc

Line chair
Unlimited edition
Materials: polished Stainless steel
Dimension: 48 x 38 x 68 cm
Edit by Riluc

Faux-semblant secret
limited edition of 3 +1AP
(Sol Out)

Drunk glasses
limited edition of 6 +1AP
(Sold Out)

Toni Grilo

Designer and art director, Toni Grilo was born in Nancy (fr) in 1979.
Graduate of the École Boulle in Paris in 2001, he immediately goes to Lisbon, continuing to develop projects in France.
At the end of Europe, finding its roots, he discovers a rich industrial and craft country, and is obsessed by the beauty of technical processes and materials. After various collaborations, he decides to stay permanently in Portugal: he founds in 2005 a first agency, Objection, with the designer Elder Monteiro, but in 2008 he opens his own studio, creating products, furniture and scenography.
Now based in Porto, he manages several international brands such as Riluc, Haymann, Blackcork or the centenary silver manufacture Topázio.