“The Happy Misfits” | Rutger de Regt | 7 Jun – 27 Sep

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Born in Zoetermeer (Holland) in 1979,

Rutger is a furniture design graduate since 2011 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. This is where he lives and started his design studio. It was also in 2011 when he made his international debut at Ventura Lambrate in Milan with two remarkable collections: The Happy Misfits and the Make&Mold series.

For Rutger design is experimenting with new materials by a hands-on approach. In this way he allows technique and material to engage in a dialogue wherefrom his designs come to life. His aim is to reclaim industrial production techniques to be able to produce products by setting his own restrictions instead of industrial.

Bulky and playful objects that amaze. The Happy Misfits were inspired by bodybuilders’ ability to shape their body. Rutger developed a flexible molding system using a balloon and polystyrene pearls. Applying restrictions to the mass enables him to sculpt and form each Happy Misfit individually as a unique handmade object.

Rutger is represented in collections around the world, recently two of Price’s pieces were acquired by the Vitra Design Museum Collection.