“Unpacking” | Itay Ohaly | 1 Dez – 30 Mar 2013

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The exhibition is composed of works belonging to the series “UNPACKING” and the production line for low tech about 8 meters.
Will be presented for the first time all the pieces of this work and new pieces created specifically for the exhibition.
The “Unpacking” series is the result of experimental process developed by Itay Ohaly. The project started by examining other possibilities in objects’ packaging, and the use of packaging during the manufacturing process of the object. In here, the packaging is used as the mold of the object; it defines and influences its form and surface, and it is being integrated into the object itself. The act of opening of the mold is transferred from the manufacturer to the costumer, who is given the preliminary experience of revealing of the object.


Itay Ohaly born in 1979, in Israel. He is an industrial, product designer, recently graduated from the Contextual Design Master Program at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Before, he did the bachelor degree in Israel, were he worked as a carpenter, and later as industrial designer. He believes that design should satisfy, support and fulfil our need to enrich ourselves, mentally and emotionally.
His work has been exposed and acquired for collectors which include museums, foundations and international galleries.