Limited edition of 3 + 1AP
Dimension: 300 x 250 x 300 cm
Materials: wood & iron
Partnership with Jofebar company
Photo by Hugo Carvalho Araujo

Carvalho Araújo

Braga – Portugal

Born and works in the city of Braga. Lives in the countryside, Ponte de Lima.
Begins his professional activity like a Designer at the Center for Studies Carvalho Araujo in 1986, 4years before graduating as Architect.
Since 1990, directs the his professional activity for the ‘Global Project ‘, bringing together Architecture and Design as complementary disciplines, instilling an own identity of the projects, following an way of thinking the project very particular, given the constraints of the context, and the difficulties and take it as opportunities and answers that combine an overall strategy to support the project.
Since 2005, develops teaching activities at the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Católica in Viseu, promoting the teaching of the relevant drawing.
Currently, enriches his and our critical overview by the constant presence at conferences, congresses and awards received, that legitimize his quality way in design.

Gaiola (cage)

It is a piece / object in that its shape and scale approaches an archetypal “shelter” / home, the construction seeks to combine different “registers” of thinking / design.